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Chang Moo Kwan

Chang Moo Kwan is one of the oldest schools of Taekwondo in Korea,
and now you can join this school and obtain dan rank in the UK

How do I join?


In the 1940s and 1950s several large martial arts clubs were set up in Korea called Kwans. Each Kwan had similarities (asthe Kwan leaders came from a Karate background, often mixed with some other martial art experience). The first kwan to open was Grandmaster LEE Won Kuk's Chung Do Kwan (in 1944). Next was Grandmaster CHUN Sang Sup's Jidokwan in 1946 and Grandmaster RO Byung Jik's Song Moo Kwan in 1946. Then the next kwan to open was the Chang Moo Kwan founded by Grandmaster YOON Byung In in 1946. Grandmaster Yoon had studied Chinese Kung Fu (Ch'uan Fa) and then learnt Karate under Toyama Sensei (achieving 4th Dan at a time when the highest rank in Karate was 5th Dan) through a knowledge exchange where Grandmaster Yoon taught Toyama Sensei Ch'uan Fa and learnt Shudokan Karate in exchange.

When Grandmaster Yoon first opened the kwan it was called "Kwon Bop Kong Soo Do", Kwon Bup is Korean for Ch'uan Fa and Kong Soo Do is Korean for Karate-do. The headquarters was known as the YMCA Kwon Bup Bu (-Bu means headquarters and it was hosted in a YMCA building). Grandmaster Yoon went missing during the Korean War in the 1950s and Grandmaster Yoon's top students Grandmaster LEE Nam Suk and Grandmaster KIM Soon Bae took over, changing the name to "Chang Moo Kwan Tae Soo Do", then later using the name Taekwondo.

The kwans unified in the 1960s under the Korea Taesoodo/Taekwondo Association and all agreed that the official rank/curriculum would be defined by the KTA, central dan promotion tests would take place at the KTA Central Gymnasium (actually opened as the Kukkiwon and founded as the World Taekwondo Headquarters). However, the kwans still exist in Korea as a fraternal brotherhood group.

Head of Kwan

While technically the head of the Chang Moo Kwan in Korea is Grandmaster KIM Soon Bae, the current operational head is Grandmaster KIM Joong Young. Grandmaster J.Y. Kim has a publishing company (that publishes the official Kukkiwon Taekwondo Textbook along side O-Sung publishing), is a Technical Advisor to the Kukkiwon (Advisory Member of the Kukkiwon Technical Council) and is Vice Chairman of the Kukkiwon 9th Dan Promotion Committee.

Changmookwan UK exists to help Taekwondo practitioners in the UK to gain acceptance and dan rank with the Chang Moo Kwan in Korea and to generally support the Chang Moo Kwan. Grandmaster Kim has recognised Master Andy Jeffries (the owner of as a 6th Dan in Chang Moo Kwan and authorised him to promote students up to 5th Dan Chang Moo Kwan and has recognised his school - Stevenage Taekwondo - as a lifetime member of the Chang Moo Kwan.

The official dan rank for Taekwondo is Kukkiwon and the Chang Moo Kwan (and by extension support that. Chang Moo Kwan rank is an acceptance and joining of the worldwide Chang Moo Kwan brotherhood and community only.


The process for obtaining Chang Moo Kwan rank is very similar to Kukkiwon rank. A technical evaluation must be undertaken under an authorised instructor. Then the Chang Moo Kwan fee is paid and the application sent electronically to Korea. Normally the certificates take approximately 4 weeks to come back from Korea.

4th Dan Chang Moo Kwan and above may promote people to one rank below themselves. As Chang Moo Kwan supports Kukkiwon whole-heartedly, Chang Moo Kwan rank is only allowed a maximum of one rank above the student's Kukkiwon dan/poom rank.


Prices are for evaluations taking place at Stevenage Taekwondo only. If evaluations are required at other location, travel expenses will apply. The following fees apply:

All grades - evaluation - £30 non-refundable in the event of failure

1st Dan - £40

2nd Dan - £60

3rd Dan - £70

4th Dan - £80

5th Dan - £90

Active members of Stevenage Taekwondo can be evaluated free.


If you have any questions about Chang Moo Kwan, kwan rank or the application process - please contact